Running windows on MacBook Retina

Running windows on MacBook Retina

Why you still are still run crappy windows on crappy hardware? . Is it the additional cost Apple Hardware costs? Or rumors like Apple Hardware (world best Ultra Books) do not doing a good job when running windows.
Here I thought of sharing detailed performance overview of running windows on MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch.

Approach 1

Apple Inc. supports installing windows on MacBook using OSX pre installed tool BootCamp. Latest BootCamp supports windows 8 as well. Windows drivers for the latest MacBook is available on Apple website and comes as a package when downloading BootCamp.

Running  Boot Camp Assistance  

  • Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistance
Boot camp supports creating a bootable USB with windows ISO. It is also possible to download windows drivers for Mac through Boot Camp Assistant. Also this process guide through creating a separate NTFS partition for windows OS as well.

Following is a detailed performance overview. It is simply under the category of 7.0 -7.8 which is reserved for high-end systems with SSD, High-end graphics cards and multicore processors.

Approach 2

MacBook Pro 15 inch retina is more than to powerful to run windows parallel which mean running windows on a virtualized environment. Advantages of this approach are it is easy to run windows and windows application as if it were just another application on mac OS.  
I am using parallel as virtualization tool .It has several advantages over other popular virtualization software’s.
Following is a detailed performance overview when running parallel. Of course allocated resources were bit low specially RAM wise and graphics. Still system perform extremely good 

XCODE: Open source files in assistance editor

Xcode by default feature of opening new files is open on primary editor. This is painful when u needs to work two different source files in same time.

Open files on assistance editor
Change navigation to – Use Focus Editor. Then clicking on assistance editor makes it focus editor.

Mocking with OCMock – Setting up environment

Mocking with OCMock – Setting up environment  

OCMock is the objective-C version of mock objects. Following is a briefing to setup OCMock for objective-C development.
  •  Download pre compiled libraries
  • Link downloaded OCMock.framework   to the test target ( eg:OCMockDemoTests ) .
  • Change status to Optional

MacBook Battery Life

Mac Book Battery Life

MacBook pro Retina is coming with a cycle count of 1000. Once this amount is consumed it is time for a replacement.

Need a long life time for your MacBook battery? 

It is always recommend to use your MacBook plugged in when it is possible. This helps to maintain less number of cycles used.

When he needs a Calibration?

Newer MacBook’s comes pre calibrated and a calibration is not necessary.  Find whether your MacBook needed a calibration though this link .