Running windows on MacBook Retina

Running windows on MacBook Retina

Why you still are still run crappy windows on crappy hardware? . Is it the additional cost Apple Hardware costs? Or rumors like Apple Hardware (world best Ultra Books) do not doing a good job when running windows.
Here I thought of sharing detailed performance overview of running windows on MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch.

Approach 1

Apple Inc. supports installing windows on MacBook using OSX pre installed tool BootCamp. Latest BootCamp supports windows 8 as well. Windows drivers for the latest MacBook is available on Apple website and comes as a package when downloading BootCamp.

Running  Boot Camp Assistance  

  • Applications -> Utilities -> Boot Camp Assistance
Boot camp supports creating a bootable USB with windows ISO. It is also possible to download windows drivers for Mac through Boot Camp Assistant. Also this process guide through creating a separate NTFS partition for windows OS as well.

Following is a detailed performance overview. It is simply under the category of 7.0 -7.8 which is reserved for high-end systems with SSD, High-end graphics cards and multicore processors.

Approach 2

MacBook Pro 15 inch retina is more than to powerful to run windows parallel which mean running windows on a virtualized environment. Advantages of this approach are it is easy to run windows and windows application as if it were just another application on mac OS.  
I am using parallel as virtualization tool .It has several advantages over other popular virtualization software’s.
Following is a detailed performance overview when running parallel. Of course allocated resources were bit low specially RAM wise and graphics. Still system perform extremely good 

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