I Sharing ; I do personal Branding

I am the laziest in this word to write things . Explaining this  when I was for exams some times I had a deadline of number of minutes /hours I stay on writing , in blogging I have so much of drafts which I did't continue.

Here I started to write . OK yeah now my previous statement is expiring  .. 

I am big fan of learning to scratch of anything . Being undergraduate when lecturers asking to compile a code I wanted find how it happen . But in undergraduate life I hadn 't a interface to show it as I know (personal branding) . While life goes so a I got really mind-blowing written feedback as an  advice from one of  brilliant lecturer of university  which changed above my thoughts for writing . It as following . 
"You clearly have great amount of knowledge; you must work hard at projecting yourself as a confident knowledgeable person".
Another lecturer repeated it at the last meeting of university ..
OK. Trigger was smart enough to make me to write and again I continued blogging ..butonly for two or three months ;) . ...My mind started to say don't waste your time for those writing bullshit ... 

Today 2012.05... and I starting to blog again as my company forcing me to do so ( personal branding) . Explaining it we are a product engineering company which build products and we need set of geeky profiles for our business model .

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