Moving to Arch Linux

Life always needs a change and I always change my linux destro. So now I am officially an Arch user.

Taking about my linux experience as non geek I have used most of the popular linux operating systems at least for a day ;). I was plannig to work on moving to Gento as soon as I got a leasure time .

Mean while my geek friend sam explained me his experience on Arch. All plans changed and decided to try Arch before Gento. I never thought I would start to love Arch this much.

Arch wiki is extremely good and has documented most of the Arch related stuff very well. It has a smart comparison on other  Beginner-friendly , General , The *BSDs ,Source-based and Minimalist linux destros.

Gentoo is  always good for self optimization. But problem arise when it come to compilation. According to the above described comparison , Gentoo is a source based destro .So that mean have to self compile .This compilation may take considerable amount of time (some times hours ;) ).  
Arch comes compiled and optimized for hardware. Thinking about the facts and the value of time and the nature of Sri Lanka electricity I decided as it is always good to try Arch instead of Gentoo. Also at the end most of the time both does the same work as a minimalist distro. It gives you full handle for high level OS customization. Both are rolling distro which mean you always keep your OS up-to-date with the latest version of software by using its smart package manager .

Arch comes as two formats Netinstall Image (184 MB) and Core Image (340 MB). I continued with core installation since my internet connection is pretty slow (512). Installation was very fast and got the terminal within a few minutes. Then after installing X window system, any open source Window Manager (WM) or Desktop Environment (DE) can be selected. I  installed Xorg as my X window system and gnome and after that i shifted to KDE.

Using rc.config basic system configurations can be easily configured. It has a deamon array and module array which allows users to configure what to load what not to load . My laptop uses broadcom B43 kernel driver and by default it does not load automatically sometimes. I had this issue in Ubuntu too . But since I am the one configuring my OS what I had is to simply include it in rc.config file. This can be done for Window Manager as well.

Finally Arch Linux is very good for people who need to get knowledge about your operating system and need fun using it. I am sure you will love it more over other linux destros.

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