January 1st

Just came home after spending time @mahamevnava Asapuwa, Horana. Here I am lucky to start my year with listening to pirith deshanaya. But not much since I was unable to stay there till morning. Today the preachings were by venerable Kiribathgoda Gnananda thero. Ill try to tell it in a few words.

People think the power of pirith has a dependency with the pali pronounciation of words. But it is very wrong. You should not mix Buddhism with mantra and other xyggxx. Mantra is a communication between other spirits.So it has dependency with language. Pirith is all about the power of truth. "Mea sathyanu bawayen....", that is how it continues. We can't explain it's power over words. So the pirith deshanaya can be conduct by any of language with correct translations. Today I listened to these Sinhalese translation and it was great.

There were around 1000 people at asapuwa even in the mid of night listening to pirith.I feel great about them while some people spend a night at a Music near the ground unseen.True people have different minds knowing both and correct one is really good thing.